Couldnt be Me

I wanted to gaze at the blue skies above,

I wanted to drench in the showers of love,

I wanted so much by breaking free,

To find the joy of being me.


I wanted to feel what I haven’t felt for ages,

I wanted to lose and find the way through the mazes,

I wanted to touch the distant horizon,

When the sun was rising in golden translation.


Alone, I gelt, alone I went, knocking at every door,

For eyes that could see through my deepest core,

Maybe the eyes couldn’t see the world as I saw fit,

But just could realise why I wanted what I did.


Where the eyes? Where the voice?

That I died to see, bled to hear.

Where is the look? Where the smile?

That would touch my heart, draw me near?


Alas! Nowhere the voice, nor the eyes,

Nowhere the smile, Nowhere the love for just being ‘I’,

So I closed my eyes, changed my word,

To be your smile, I became your world.


But still, my heart doesn’t ache, No tears yet in my eyes,

For I have seen the pain in yesterday’s silence and today the divine smile,

For you, my love, for you my life, to give your dreams your melody,

From my heart, I have just let me go, to be your fantasy.


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