The Twins

I stood on a rock, silently breathing in the peaks soaked in white,

My breath just stops, my heart drenched in beauty of the sight,

Two peaks stand tall, defying fate and time, strokes of a divine art,

Were they same? Were they not? Were they twins with a different heart?


The one to my left, her eyes to breasts robed in snow,

The hues of dusk, play on her, a beauty sublime without a flaw,

Dark green forests, springing from the timeless white,

Colours of nature filled my eyes, became the abode of my mind.


I turned to right and there I saw,

The barren rocks, without a spec, in trepid awe,

The wind blows, his branches weaving a mesh of melancholy,

I questioned God, why the emptiness in otherwise a harmony.


The clouds descend in a bout and robed the barren mountaintop,

A feel titillates my heart, for now, I alone with her, she who was my fantasy,

But oh heart! oh Life! why malaise overcomes desire? why the tears conquer joy?

Why the smiles turn to sights? why the red bleed from eyes ? what this cruel irony?


The clouds suddenly lift again, the sun brings the colours of life.

The twins together, bound to other, in daylight comes alive,

No tears, No desire, a sudden calm,   for I now could see all of divine design,

Incomplete they are, when apart, together they are pillars of God’s shrine.

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